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Are these dolls actually human sized?

Are these dolls actually human sized?

Are these dolls actually human sized? 

Are these dolls actually human sized?, We are talking about realistic love dolls that you can find in human sizes and in smaller versions but still maintaining the proportions. The taller doll that we have is 5’6 ft. or 170 cm and we have smaller sizes up to 2’1 ft. or 65 cm, but personally I recommend no smaller than 3’2 ft. or 100 cm and we prefer to focus on real size models rather than tiny ones.

The most popular sex dolls are from 4’5 to 5’2 ft. (140-160cm). All our dolls maintain realistic human proportions and we offer all type of body types including different breast sizes from A-cup to K-cup; different waist sizes for the lovers of curvy dolls or big butts; and of course we have multiple beautiful heads. You can also customize multiple body parts like hair, skin color, nails, etc.

Talking to a vendor they can help you to customize your real sex doll and find the perfect partner for your fantasies.

You can also build dolls based on a picture, design or specifications if you want to build your own. This is more expensive but it is possible to build your own model.

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